CINEMA: The New Star Wars Is Really Great

STAR WARS: THE LAST JEDI (Directed by Rian Johnson, 152 minutes, 2017, USA) BY DAN TABOR FILM CRITIC With Thursday’s release of Star Wars: The Last Jedi  director Rian Johnson picks up the reigns of the space opera mega-franchise left by J.J. Abrams.  Given the bleakness of Looper and cleverness of Brick, I was more than a bit curious to see what Johnson would do in the Disney® sandbox. Surprisingly enough not only did Johnson make it through making the film without being fired — no small achievement, that — but he turned in a film that feels very much […]

CINEMA: The Master Of Disaster

THE DISASTER ARTIST (Dir. by James Franco, 104 minutes, 2017, USA) BY DAN TABOR FILM CRITIC The best in “So Bad It’s Good” cinema usually has one thing in common. Invariably, the auteur at the helm — everyone from Ed Wood to Michael Bay — sincerely believed they were making the best film possible. You can’t fake that kind of sincere ineptitude and those that have tried usually fall short of the mark, with the ensuing film choking on its irony. The Room (2003), the subject of The Disaster Artist, is one of those rare films that was born of […]

CINEMA: A Red Carpet Q&A W/ Director Dan Gilroy

  BY DAN TABOR FILM CRITIC This year at the Philadelphia Film Festival I got a few moments to pick the brain of screenwriter/director Dan Gilroy on the red carpet, who’s quickly made a name for himself crafting engrossing narratives around unlikely protagonists. The follow up to his acclaimed directorial debut Nightcrawler is Roman J. Israel, Esq. a film starring Denzel Washington as a legal savant with what appears to be Asperger’s syndrome. Roman is forced to fend for himself after the death of his legal partner who was the face of their team, the people person — while Roman […]