I AM JADED FUCKIN’ INDIE GUY and You Will Know Me By The Trail Of Dead and the Sting Of Mine Envy

ED KING REPORTS: Show of hands, please: Who else found Mackenzie Phillips’ annoying kid sister character in American Graffiti kind of hot and wished that Paul LeMat’s Milner character would drop his noble rebel pose and give the girl the ride she deserved? As I listen to Ys, Joanna Newsom’s new rallying call for indie guys who love art school girls, sadly for the most part, from afar, and as I work hard to tune out constantly repeated critical buzz phrases like “classically trained” and “Van Dyke Parks,” I’m reminded of the desire my young, twisted teenage heart felt for […]

All Of This Happened While You Were Sleeping

YOU CAN PUT YOUR ARMS AROUND A MEMORY: NY Dolls, TLA, November 25, 2006 NEW YORK DOLLS [FLICKR] PEACHES/MR. QUINTRON [FLICKR] CITIZEN MOM REPORTS: What the hell is Quintron doing back there? OK, there’s keyboards, and one of those whirling synth things you wave your hands over, and there’s a small drum kit, set behind the grill of an old Lincoln onstage at the Trocadero. The headlights work, of course, and when they blink to life, you know Mr. Q is about to go off. And my man lets loose, a Deep South dervish sweating through his nice white suit. […]

GETDOWN IMPERATIVE: Drop All Kittens, Puppies, Newborns And All Previous Engagements And Get Thine Ass To The Troc And Shake It Like A Polaroid Picture In Mr. Quintron’s General Direction TONIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!

For the uninitiated, imagine if Pee Wee’s Playhouse was located on the Dark End Of The Streets of N’awlins where it’s sweaty and black and a little bit dangerous and the good times roll fast AND weird. Just the way you like it! Seriously, we saw these cats at Silk City 10 years ago at least. And we are still smiling about it. NOW PLAYING ON PHAWKER RADIO: The Oblivians Play 9 Songs With Mr. Quintron DIG IT!

LAST CALL: Crowd Pleaser Nate Wiley Dead At 82, End Of ‘Longest Job Goin’

Nate Wiley and the Crowd Pleasers Bob and Barbara’s, 1509 South St. Last call. This is the house that Pabst Blue Ribbon built. The walls are covered floor to ceiling with Pabst memorabilia spanning several decades–from the corny caucasoid ’50s when Danny Kaye shilled for the brew, to the blaxsploitation ’70s when he was replaced with a Foxy Brown lookalike. The one constant in all those ads over the years is this catchphrase: “Now at Popular Prices.” That’s the asking price for Nate Wiley and the Crowd Pleasers, which has been cranking out no-cover-charge soul-powered organ jazz at Bob and […]

“There’s a common loneliness that just sprawls from coast to coast. It’s like a common disjointed identity crisis. It’s the dark, warm narcotic American night I just hope I’m able to touch that feeling before I find myself one of these days parked on Easy Street.” –TOM WAITS, 1976

THE MAN WHO HOWLED WOLF TEXT BY JONATHAN VALANIA/PHOTOS BY CHRISTIAN LANTRY The Astro is a broken-down, drunk motel located about an hour north of San Francisco in Santa Rosa, near the arid, wine-growing region of the Sonoma Valley. It’s Tom Waits country – he lives somewhere around here, although exactly where remains a closely guarded secret. MAGNET booked a room at the Astro because the price is right, but upon closer inspection, it’s the ideal setting to await an audience with the man who elevates the down and out in song. The bard of boardinghouse madrigals. The man who […]

ESPERANTO: Yo La Tengo For Joey Vento

In a bold and arguably pointless move, we just hired a new indie-rock critic right off the boat from Sicily. Please give a warm 215 HELLO to Simone Secci. Honestly, it never occurred to us to ask if he could write in, like, English. Oh well, this one goes out to all our goombahs in Sout’ Phiwwy. Abbondanza! YO LA TENGO INTERVISTA di SIMONE SECCI Incontrare gli Yo La Tengo ? un’esperienza che si rivela ancor pi? piacevole del previsto. Se difatti la semplicit? e la spontaneit? comunicata dalla loro musica e dalla loro immagine pubblica, lasciano pensare a tre […]