BREAKING: Justice Dept. Investigating Attorney General Gonzales For Lying To Congress Under Oath

WASHINGTON POST: The Justice Department is investigating whether departing Attorney General Alberto R. Gonzales gave false or misleading testimony to Congress on a broad range of issues, including the Bush administration’s warrantless surveillance program and the removal of nine U.S. attorneys last year, the lead investigator said today. The disclosure by Inspector General Glenn A. Fine shows that internal investigations that began with the prosecutor firings have widened substantially to include a focus on Gonzales’s actions and statements.

ROUGH JUSTICE: Attorney General Gonzales Resigns

CRAWFORD, Texas — Attorney General Alberto Gonzales has resigned, ending a months-long standoff with Republican and Democratic critics who called for his ouster over the Justice Department’s botched handling of FBI terror investigations and the firing of U.S. attorneys, officials said Monday. The likely temporary replacement for Gonzales is Solicitor General Paul Clement, who would take over until a permanent replacement is found, according to a senior administration official who spoke on condition of anonymity. Two administration officials speaking on grounds of anonymity said that Gonzales had submitted a resignation letter last Friday.These officials declined to be identified because the […]

SENATOR ARLEN SPECTER: “We Need To Find A Way To End The Tenure Of Attorney General Gonzales”

WASHINGTON — Senators in both parties concede they don’t have enough evidence to make a perjury charge stick against Attorney General Alberto Gonzales. But that doesn’t mean they’re going to quit trying to pry him from office. Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Patrick Leahy, D-Vt., is considering asking the Justice Department’s inspector general to examine whether Gonzales’ answers to questions from lawmakers amount to misconduct. “I am deeply concerned about the seriousness of his misleading testimony and the pattern that has developed with regards to the attorney general’s testimony over the years,” Leahy said Thursday. “At the very least, I am […]

HOT DOC: House Dems Move To Impeach Gonzales

A group of House Democrats will introduce a resolution calling on the Judiciary Committee to begin impeachment proceedings against Attorney General Alberto Gonzales. Rep. Jay Inslee (D-WA) will sponsor the measure. It will be dropped in the hopper tomorrow. Here’s the text of resolution… RESOLUTION Directing the Committee on the Judiciary to investigate whether Alberto R. Gonzales, Attorney General of the United States, should be impeached for high crimes and misdemeanors. 1 Resolved, That the Committee on the Judiciary shall 2 investigate fully whether sufficient grounds exist for the 3 House of Representatives to impeach Alberto R. Gonzales, 4 Attorney […]

ABU GONZALES: Next Stop, Impeachment?

CANCELED DEMOCRACY FOR AMERICA: The Senate could hold a no-confidence vote as early as today.The resolution is non-binding and symbolic, but it will put Senators on record and send a strong message to President Bush. Make sure your Senators know you want them to support the no-confidence vote: Senator Bob Casey (202) 224-6324 Senator Arlen Specter (202) 224-4254 RELATED: PREVIOUSLY: Bring Me The Head Of Abu Gonzales THANK YOU JOE LIEBERMAN*: “My vote against going ahead with more debate on this no confidence resolution is not an expression of confidence in Attorney General Gonzales. It is an expression of […]

Specter Opens A Can Of Congressional Whup-Ass On Alberto Gonzales, Schumer Gets Medieval On His Ass

“Today the Department of Justice is experiencing a crisis of leadership perhaps unrivaled during its 137-year history,” said the Sen. Patrick Leahy, Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee. “There’s a growing scandal swirling around the dismissal” of prosecutors, he added. Sen. Arlen Specter offered no more comfort in his opening remarks. He said the purpose of the hearing was to determine whether the committee believes that Gonzales should remain in office. “As I see it, you come to this hearing with a very heavy burden of proof,” Specter said as Gonzales listened intently, lips pursed, a few feet away. “This […]


UPDATE: “I think for the sake of the nation, Attorney General Gonzales should resign.”–Sen. Charles Schumer NEW YORK TIMES Editorial The Failed Attorney General During the hearing on his nomination as attorney general, Alberto Gonzales said he understood the difference between the job he held — President Bush’s in-house lawyer — and the job he wanted, which was to represent all Americans as their chief law enforcement officer and a key defender of the Constitution. Two years later, it is obvious Mr. Gonzales does not have a clue about the difference. He has never stopped being consigliere to Mr. Bush’s […]

ABU GONZALES: Senators Probe Top Cop, Invasive Procedural Deflected By Impenetrable Congeniality

BY GLENN GREENWALD This is what I have learned so far: All of the Senators are very “concerned” and sometimes even “disturbed” about many things, almost all of them different for each Senator. Gonzales definitely shares their concerns about everything, and assures them he takes it very seriously and he is happy to sit down with them and explore ways to fix/improve/think about it. For any information the Senators want, Gonzales does not have it, but he will definitely endeavor to get it for them. When pointed out that he has made the same promises many times before and told […]

Q&A With Athens GA Avant-Rockers Mothers

Photos by NOAH SILVESTRY BY NOAH SILVESTRY In just a couple weeks, Mothers drop their debut LP, When You Walk A Long Distance You Are Tired, and judging by what they’ve put out so far, it’s going to be a hell of a fun listen. The seeds of frontwoman Kristine Leschper’s art-school solo project have grown into a mighty experimental rock quartet. Drummer Matthew Anderegg stampedes triumphantly from one meter to the next without looking left or right while guitarist Drew Kirby leads your ears by leash in and out of harmony and Leschper’s voice, which sounds like that of […]

CONCERT REVIEW: The Books At The Troc

BY PELLE GUNTHER It feels wrong to even begin calling this show at the Troc a concert. It was an experience. A musical and visual trip through the bizarre and fascinating sonic hodgepodge that is the art of Nick Zummuto and Paul de Jong, the duo more commonly known as The Books. After releasing their first album in about 5 years, the band was back and ready to play some wild sampledelic folktronica. They played with the assistance of what I assume was a flash drive and PowerPoint, as they flipped from song to song, only once restarting a song […]

N.A.S.A.: Spacious Thoughts

BOING BOING: Boing Boing Video proudly debuts a new piece from the “great god almighty could it get any more awesome?” N.A.S.A. music project, this one from two personal music heroes: Tom Waits, and Kool Keith. The track is called Spacious Thoughts, and you can pick it up on the project’s debut album, Spirit of Apollo (Amazon link.) NASA, short for “North America South America,” is a music collaboration project assembled by Squeak E. Clean (aka Sam Spiegel, brother of film director Spike Jonze) and DJ Zegon (Ze Gonzales, professional skateboarder). The music video embedded above was created by Montreal-based […]

TONITE: Justice May Be Blind But She Is Not Deaf

The Gonzales Contata, a Philly Fringe show by composer Melissa Dunphy that will run this weekend, is a choral work with libretto taken directly from the Senate Judiciary Committee hearings of former Attorney General Alberto Gonzales. Buzz about the show has gone viral with write ups in The Wall Street Journal and Huffington Post and earlier this week Rachel Maddow devoted an entire segment to the production on The Rachel Maddow Show. Kudos for making the show’s official website a dead-on parody of the Drudge Report.  (Show times and venue info after the jump) [TRMS: La Cantata inspired by disgraced […]

HECKUVA JOB TIERNEY: Why Is THIS Man Bloviating About Supreme Court Replacements In The Inquirer?

[Illustration by KENT BARRET] JOHN YOO IN THE INQUIRER: Obama’s nominee will keep the liberal pack intact. But liberals want more. They want a progressive thinker who can challenge Scalia and Thomas and their revolutionary ideas for modern constitutional law. While a witty man and elegant writer, Souter did not pen any landmark opinions that will be remembered in the decades to come. The liberal wing of the court has yet to produce a worthy heir to the mantle of Chief Justice Earl Warren or Justice William Brennan. Obama promises something different. In 2007, candidate Obama declared that his judges […]