TRUE OR FALSE: Ron Paul Is Our Kind Of Democrat?

[Photo by VIC SUEDE] FROM THE EDITOR: It is indeed a sad day when you have to go knock on the GOP’s door and ask to borrow one of their guys because ‘Hey, he’s our kind of Democrat.’ But alas that day has come…HOLD THE PHONE…what about THIS? Hmmm. Let us get this straight, Dr. Paul: you lent your name to an unnamed foundation and somebody there wrote that ham-fistedly bigoted Archie Bunker mumbo-jumbo under your byline? Hmm. Now don’t get us wrong, we think crucifying the utterer of every blunt, race-freighted remark is just a distraction from the thing […]

LIVE & DIRECT: Ron Paul Revere Rings Liberty Bell

FIVE THINGS YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT RON PAUL AT INDEPENDENCE MALL 1. There were a LOT of people there. Upwards of 5,000, making it the BIGGEST Ron Paul rally to date. And it was not just the usual suspects — i.e., the angry loners Libertarians invariably attract, and the Ex-Deaniac Don Quixotes tilting at the latest maverick truth-teller on a political suicide mission — but women, children, families. People you see at Eagles games. Veterans, mechanics, Daily News readers. Ordinary, walking around people, desperate for someone to look them in the eye and tell them the truth. 2. His […]

PEACE BOMB: Ron “I Will End The Iraq War” Paul’s $10 Million ‘Tea’ Party Comes To Town Saturday

BY AMY Z. QUINN Supporters of Texas Congressman and longshot GOP presidential hopeful Ron Paul raised $4.2 million in 24 hours in a loosely-organized fund-raising push they’re calling a “money bomb.” Speculate, theorize, stereotype. Only one thing is clear: the Paulites, the loyal, organized, Web-savvy supporters of Rep. Ron Paul, know how to raise money online, and 37,000 Paulites set a record [Monday] by hauling in more than $4.2 million in 24 hours. That’s the most money raised online by a candidate in a single day. A Paulite came up with the fundraising idea, a few more Paulites joined in […]

THE LOCUST ABORTION TECHNICIAN: Q&A W/ Gibby Haynes, Frontman Of The Butthole Surfers

EDITOR’S NOTE: This interview originally published on July 19th, 2020. BY JONATHAN VALANIA Saints be praised! Butthole Surfers frontman/madman Gibby Haynes will be celebrating the publication of his debut novel Me & Mr. Cigar with a book released party/concert (backed by The Paul Green School of Rock) at the Colonial Theater in Phoenixville on Friday January 17th — and we are totally there for this. To help get the word out, we got Gibby on the horn for a wide ranging, no-holes barred interview. If you are new to the Gibby/Surfers’ weird-ass corner of the universe, I suggest you read […]

CINEMA: Paul Dano’s Directorial Debut Is FIRE

  INDIEWIRE: IFC Films has released the first official trailer for “Wildife,” and it’s not hard to see why Paul Dano’s feature filmmaking debut is one of the most talked about films of the year. The 33-year-old actor, best known for masterful performances in films such as “There Will Be Blood,” “Little Miss Sunshine,” and “Prisoners,” has evidently learned a lot observing many of cinema’s greatest living auteurs. The family drama premiered to much acclaim at the Sundance Film Festival earlier this year, and also screened as the opening night film in La Semaine de la Critique at the 2018 […]

THE X-MAN COMETH: A Q&A With John Doe, Frontman Of The Legendary L.A. Punk Band X

  BY JONATHAN VALANIA FOR VICE “The west is the best,” Jim Morrison sang in 1967. “Get here, and we’ll do the rest.” In 1976, John Doe took Mr. Mojo Risin’ up on the invitation. Fed up with the bleak fatalism, shitty weather and general played-out-ness of the East Coast scene, Doe loaded up the truck and headed to the City Of Angels, where he would soon meet fellow East Coast exile/aspiring punk poet Exene Cervenka. Together they would form the legendary X — arguably one of the few bands that could convincingly stake a claim to The Clash’s status […]

Minneapolis Cops Pull Over Family For Driving While Black, Murder Dad In Front Of His 4 Year Old

  DAILY MAIL: The shocking footage of the aftermath of the shooting has sparked protests in Saint Paul, with hundreds of people descending on the Governor of Minnesota’s house demanding justice. It is the second controversial police shooting of a black man to emerge in 24 hours. In the video, Reynolds tells viewers that she and Castile were pulled over for a busted tail light by a ‘Chinese police officer’. She claims the cop, from the St. Anthony Police Department in Falcon Heights, asked Castile, a cafeteria supervisor at a Montessori school in St Paul, to show his license, but […]

ALL YOU NEED IS PAUL: 10 Thoughts About McCartney @ The Wells Fargo Center On Sunday

Photo by DAN LONG 1. At some point in the last decade Paul McCartney assembled a team of pop imagineers and big-picture media strategists to re-brand his act from ‘The Cute One drum majoring a Boomer-ific oldies parade of warmed-over shimmy-shimmy shake moptoppery’ to ‘Sir Paul, doe-eyed Elder Statesman of Pop with one of the greatest songbooks in the history of recorded music, who is also an Important Artist who continues to make challenging and inventive work that is still relevant to The Kids,’ which is to say everyone under the age of 72. So, in addition to re-animating the […]

MIC DROP: Top 10 Things I Learned Seeing Brian Wilson At The Beacon Theater w/ Actor Paul Dano

EDITOR’S NOTE: This originally published on October 17th, 2013 1. Don’t tell anyone but I always cry at Brian Wilson concerts. His music — Pet Sounds in particular — is just so ineffably sad and beautiful. His life is so sad and tragic, albeit with a reasonably happy ending. I’ve seen him perform live nearly a dozen times. Whenever the opportunity arises I jump on it because every show could be his last. Or mine, for that matter. I always promise myself I’m not going to cry this time but I always do. Tuesday night at The Beacon Theater it […]

PAINT IT BLACK: Q&A With Paul Trynka, Author of “BRIAN JONES: The Making Of The Rolling Stones”

  BY JONATHAN VALANIA A candid conversation with former MOJO editor Paul Trynka [pictured, below right] — author of IGGY POP: Open Up And Bleed and DAVID BOWIE: Star Man — about his new bio, BRIAN JONES: The Making Of The Rolling Stones. (The British version has a much edgier, and dare I say it Stonsier title, SYMPATHY FOR THE DEVIL: The Birth Of The Rolling Stones & The Death Of Brian Jones. Guess Random House thinks the devil doesn’t get his due in America. We’re inclined to disagree, but that’s a conversation for another time.) DISCUSSED: Blowjobs, pills, genius, […]

BLUE JEANS AND MOON BEAMS: The Early Word On Paul Thomas Anderson’s Inherent Vice

  WALL STREET JOURNAL: One film, two masters. That’s the easiest, most direct way to describe the power behind “Inherent Vice,” the much-anticipated stoner noir film that had its world premiere Saturday night as the centerpiece of the New York Film Festival at Lincoln Center. The film is loaded with all sorts of familiar Hollywood faces, but the biggest stars of the project are its director and screenwriter, celebrated auteur Paul Thomas Anderson, and the author whose novel served as source material, great American novelist Thomas Pynchon. The two were the buzz of the red carpet Saturday night, even as the likes of stars Joaquin Phoenix, Josh […]