SMUS: Rats Fleeing A Sinking Ship Are Not Moral Or Principled, They Are Just Scared, Wet Rats

deserting_rats Trump

Where have all these Donnie-Come-Latelies been for the past 5 years?! Where have all these now “forsaking” Cabinet Secretaries, advisors, aids, confidants, and assorted creeps, crawlers, cronies, spaniels and suck-ups been?! Were they just too stupid to recognize his toxic imbecility? Were they just too like-minded to SMUSrecognize his racism, bigotry and xenophobia? Were they simply too fear-ridden to say aloud that the Emperor wore no clothes? Were they just so proud of their own partisanship as to gladly perpetuate his division? Were they so mindful of their own dishonesty as to overlook his blatant corruption? Were they so occupied with enriching their own as to turn a blind eye to his nepotism? Which ones of this gut-churning group are the worst? The rats now deserting the ship of state in order to salvage a turd’s worth of their rancid reputations, or the ones still wading around in the slime? The ones experiencing these phony “epiphanies,” or the ones still in the thrall of the tyrant? The “finally found a mind of their own” cultists, or the “staying to save the nation but that doesn’t mean the election wasn’t rigged” conspiracy cravers? Take your pick. ALL of them have known for their entire lifetimes that Trump was an imbecilic, narcissistic, sociopathic–often psychotic–LYING piece of fetid dog shit! Every last one of them! Yet they did NOTHING! They were, and continue to be, the sewer-dwelling enablers of this treasonist, seditionist, fascist, immoral, murderous, Inciter-in-Chief. — WILLIAM C. HENRY