MUST SEE TV: The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina



Inspired by the hit ‘90s sitcom Sabrina, The Teenage Witch comes a new, slightly more devilish drama called The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. Where the 90’s Sabrina show included a talking cat and glitter-y, poofy magic, the new Sabrina has a goblin disguised as a cat and dark powers bestowed upon the coven from the Dark Lord, Lucifer Morningstar — the angel in the Bible who fell from grace to become what the Catholic’s call the devil. While the new Sabrina was inspired by the old, it is certainly not the same kind of show.

Now, the major characters and settings still remain the same. Sabrina is a sixteen year old witch who lives with her Aunt Hilda and Aunt Zelda because her warlock farther and mortal mother died when she was young. She dates a boy named Harvey Kinkle, but soon gets eyes for the handsome Nicholas Scratch. She lives in Greendale and attends Baxter High, and deals with stuff most mortals do — bitchy teachers, hormonal jocks, and even bitchier teenager girls. This, however, is where the similarities end. The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina now includes a cousin Ambrose who tried to blow up the Church of NIght’s Vatican in Rome 75 years agp, and a transgender boy born Suzie, but through his own troubles and the help of his witch and mortal friends discoveres his identity as Theo.

The show takes a deep dive in Satanism — upside crosses, blasphemous prayers, and human sacrifices. Sabrina, however, is destined for a mysterious path, one she may not be able to travel with her mortal friends. She must sign her name in the Book of the Beast and hand over her soul to the Dark Lord in order to receive her full powers, but great power comes great responsibility. The Dark Lord is known for his deceptive and lying ways — will Sabrina be able to tell the truth from the lies? Will she be able to handle her powers? Who is she going to end up with, Harvery or Nick? Well, you can find the answer to most of these questions in the three season drama now streaming on Netflix. — RACHEL TESON