BY WILLIAM C. HENRY Ever noticed how CNN, MSNBC, ABC, NBC, CBS and, of course, Fox News, along with every other major news disseminator–with the commendable exceptions of the New York Daily News and–are seemingly loathe to declare, “he’s a LIAR,” “he’s LYING,” “he LIES,” or “he LIED” when SMUS-avatardescribing whatever it was that Trump inevitably LIED about the last time he parted his lips! Why is that? Why those, “that appears to be a falsehood,” “it simply strains credulity,” “that’s highly questionable,” or the even gentler “that’s not necessarily true.” Why the wrist patting? Why the pussyfooting? What’s wrong with calling a LIE a LIE and a LIAR a LIAR? After all, Trump isn’t just a loose-lipped fibber, he’s a blatant, flagrant, bald-faced LIAR! And he isn’t simply an incorrigible, inveterate or compulsive LIAR. He’s a dirty, filthy, stinking, 10,000 strong and counting, goddamn L I A R! Just a thought.

WASHINGTON POST: President Trump has made 10,796 false or misleading claims over 869 days

EDITOR’S NOTE: The artwork accompanying this post (see above) is a parody of a TIME MAGAZINE cover, not an actual TIME MAGAZINE cover.