TRAILER: David Crosby Will Not Go Quietly

ROLLING STONE: David Crosby reflects on drug addiction, personal tragedy and conflicts with former bandmates in the new trailer for David Crosby: Remember My Name. The Cameron Crowe-produced documentary — which recently premiered at the Sundance Film Festival — will open in New York and L.A. on July 19th. The clip opens with an interviewer asking the rock legend, “Do you ever wonder why you are still alive?” Without even a moment’s pause, he fires back, “I don’t know, man. No idea.” The 76-year-old songwriter proclaims that, despite his three heart-attacks and eight heart stents, he isn’t planning to slow down. “The last few years, I’ve made four solo albums,” he says. “I’m going for five.” From there, the teaser jumps back to the darkness that shrouded his early career — from the tragic death of his girlfriend Christine Hinton to crippling substance abuse. “There’s just this emptiness,” he says of Hinton’s death. “It’s like a rip in the fabric. A friend of mine gave me a shot of heroin. Feels great, only the first time. After that, you’re just trying to catch it. And you never get back there, ever.” MORE