INCOMING: The Horror, The Horror



Cinepunx, the Philadelphia cinema podcast collective, whose love of film is rivaled only by their love of hardcore music, will be screening Starfish March 18th at 7:30pm at The Rotunda. The feature-length debut by director Al White, who is probably best known for being the front man for the UK band Ghostlight, will also be in town for a post screening Q&A. Starfish world premiered at Fantastic Fest, where I caught it back in September and genuinely dug it. The film is a thought provoking look at grief and loss as a young woman, Aubrey (Virginia Gardner), loses her best friend Grace. After the funeral she breaks into Grace’s apartment in an attempt to comfort herself only to fall asleep, waking up after the apocalypse has decimated the earth. Still reeling from loss of her friend and armed with a series of mixtapes left by Grace, Aubrey is tasked with not only discovering what happened, but surviving in this new world as well. — DAN TABOR