BEING THERE: The 2019 Philadelphia Auto Show



At the 2019 Philadelphia Auto Show, there were many different types of cars that can get you from point A to point B. These cars boasted a range of gee-whiz capabilities, and there were a lot of new cars that employ two different sources of fuel: gasoline and electricity. This year, there were more brands that offered EV’s (Electric powered Vehicles). Chevrolet and Nissan pioneered the first mass produced electric cars, but this year there were electric cars in the Mercedes, BMW, and Audi lines, and Ford had a wider range of EV versions of their most popular models like the Fusion and the Focus. In the Philadelphia market, there is a great demand for crossover vehicles. Thus, the show featured many cars that served multiple purposes such as the Toyota Highlander, which is both an SUV and a station wagon. These crossover vehicles are wildly popular among millennialis???. Even some of the high end luxury manufacturers have included crossovers in their line up, including Maserati, Alfa Romeo, Bentley, and even Rolls Royce with their Cullinan SUV. Another interesting part of the car show was the area where they kept the Mercedes Benz and Lexuses. These vehicles were in the area where the train shed used to be in Reading terminal station. I did not have any particular interest in the Lexus section, but the Mercedes Benz S500 was very comfortable and I was able to fit in the backseat with extra space despite my height of six foot four. Overall, I thought he Auto Show, which runs through February 10th at the Pennsylvania Convention Center was a terrific experience for all ages and suitable for everyone. The crowd was very diverse. Finally, make sure to bring a water bottle next year as walking around can make one incredibly weary.–FRANCIS J. PURCELL IV

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The author in a 2020 Chevrolet Bolt