INCOMING: Pedals To The Meddle



If ears had taste buds, Tera Melos would be the sour candy of math rock. Nick Reinhart is, without a doubt, one of the wackiest guitarists on the planet right now. He’s not the type of guitar player who just uses pedals; he’s a guitar player and a pedal player. Some of his solos look like a Dance Dance Revolution tutorial, with his pedalboard as the dance pad. This math rock madman owns hundreds of guitar pedals, and uses over 20 in his live setup. Aside from his adroit use of effects, Reinhart’s playing style is, in one word, erratic, and I say that with the utmost twinkly-eyed fondness. His work is something truly refreshing to the guitar world. The current Tera Melos lineup also contains Nathan Latona on bass and John Clardy on drums, whom I commend for being on the same page as Reinhart. The TeraMelos2_Sacramento-based deep-prog power-trio is on tour, and will be hitting the Boot & Saddle tomorrow night with special guests Mouse on the Keys.

Last year, Tera Melos released their fourth full-length album, Trash Generator, a surfy, math-rock acid trip and a half, and one of their catchiest and most cohesive works to date. They just followed up with a three-song EP, Treasures And Trolls, on November 2nd, which serves as a worthy addendum. The EP’s artwork shares the same photograph subject as the one used to make Trash Generator’s album cover, an old man mask used in the “Trash Generator” music video. Its songs bring back the same timbres, effects, slacker vocals, and reverbed-out whammy bar dives. The title track sounds like the band has recorded it during the TG sessions, but had misplaced it before releasing the record. The second track, “Lemon Grove” features Pinback’s Rob Crow on vocals for a surge of indie nostalgia, and the closing track, “Super Fxx,” is a nearly identical reprise of Trash Generator’s “Super Fx.” Catch them at the Boot n’ Saddle tomorrow night and get your freak-surf on!