NPR 4 THE DEAF: Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid



FRESH AIR: These are highly charged times for politics reporters. Just ask Greg Miller, the Pulitzer Prize-winning Washington Post journalist who has broken a number of stories related to the Trump administration’s ties to Russia. Miller says that he’s been “trolled a lot” because of his work. But after revealing that then-national security adviser Michael Flynn had discussed U.S. sanctions with Russian officials prior to Trump’s inauguration, Miller experienced something new: notes from grateful readers. “Weird things happen that had never happened to me as a reporter,” Miller says. “Several of us started getting cards, actual letters in the mail, thanks from readers from faraway places, notes even on my doorstep at home.” Ultimately, Miller’s story about Flynn contributed to Flynn’s ouster from the administration — a fact Miller says brought him “no pleasure.” But, Miller adds, “at the same time, as a reporter, there is nothing better than to be able to get to the bottom of a complex story that there are so many people who are trying to prevent you from getting at.” Miller further investigates the links between Russia and the Trump administration in his new book, The Apprentice. MORE