GEEK SQUAD: What’s Not To Love About The Captain Marvel Trailer That Just Dropped?

So, the Captain Marvel trailer finally dropped. First of all, seeing Brie Larson crash land on Earth and Samuel L Jackson narrate the first half of the trailer completely sells the film — it’s set-in-the-’90s trailer and jammed pack with action scenes. Captain Marvel is such a complicated character that giving a detailed history will be exhausting and pointless given that the film is invariably going to streamline her sprawling back story to avoid forcing audiences to juggle alien sleeper agents, cosmic spaceship accidents that merged an alien DNA with a human, children that were genetically aged, X-Men member Rogue stealing her powers and the power of a white star being absorbed by the heroes. I have no idea exactly what Marvel Studios is going to give us. I am not even sure if this Captain Marvel grew up on Earth or not. What we do know is that Brie Larson’s Carol Danvers/Captain Marvel is a soldier stuck in a war between the alien Kree and the Skrull. Marvel movie fans might remember the usually-blue Kree from their appearance in Guardians of the Galaxy. Outside of that we get glimpses of Captain Marvel flying through space, flexing her superpowers, and punching an old woman in the face (not to worry, I am 95% sure she’s an alien shapeshifter). But the energy in the trailer is awesome. This feels like a ‘90s Will Smith movie but with the Academy Award winning Brie Larson in the starring role. Samuel L Jackson is playing a young, two-eyed Nick Fury who has to deal with Carol Danvers’ private property damaging superhero battles and wicked barbs at least 10 years before he deals with Tony Stark. I am SO ready to see this. — RICHARD SUPLEE