INCOMING : Tanukichan



San Francisco’s Hannah Van Loon, a.k.a. Tanukichan, has captured the melancholy essence of end-of-the-week not-wanting-to-do-anything on her debut wonderful debut album, Sundays, following on the heels of her 2016 EP, Radiolove. Produced by Chaz Bear (Toro y Moi) at Company Records, the album is rich in moody dream pop tones, and Van Loon’s drowsy falsetto vocals are compellingly reminiscent of Julee Cruise and Bilinda Butcher. But, Sundays is more than just a haze-cradle to lull the listener into deep space; the album’s sonic repertoire ranges from temple-massaging silk to brow-furrowing fuzz. The ten-track, 31-minute album opens with what feels like the July sun beating down through the window onto your helplessly limp Sunday body. Yes, this is the fuzz I mentioned earlier. Just when mirages threaten to plague your vision, the drum beat is introduced, followed by Van Loon’s breathy vocals to cool things down as the hot, bassy fuzz slinks off… for now. A screeching lead guitar, a fuzzy rhythm, and a solid bass come together with layered Van Loon harmonies in a glorious send-off into the rest of the album. Although this first track, “Lazy Love,” is my favorite on the album, the satisfaction-value of the songs following was left unharmed. Sundays is a worthy ode to summer sadness through polarized sunglasses in an endless meadow, and, at the same time, its every blade of grass bears a glistening dewdrop of hope that nostalgic moments are still ever in the making. — KYLE WEINSTEIN