SH*T MY UNCLE SAYS: President Moron



BY WILLIAM C. HENRY “Hey, hey, Donnie J., what style, what character, what nature of ignominy did you secrete today?!” Yep, I do indeed recognize that it’s shear folly to continue to repudiate the behavior of a totally amoral moron and his minions, the majority of whom are likely no SMUSmore intelligent or principled than he is, but hopefully I’ll never tire of doing so.

Well, you knew that he was deceitful and duplicitous, but did you know that he could be truly deadly?! Having failed with numerous attempts to kill the Obama/Democrat ACA Medical Program which brought medical insurance protections to millions upon millions of America’s elderly and infirmed as well as vast numbers of other low-income and middle-class Americans previously unable to afford the cost of medical insurance (which, by the way, was a raging travesty the Republican party had adamantly REFUSED to do ANYTHING about throughout the entirety of its execrable existence), Trump has decided to commence a slow and deliberate “starve the beast” offensive designed to throw these Presidentially designated “less-worthy” Americans under the ambulances of Republican “self-reliance.”

“We can’t stay in Puerto Rico forever.” Turns out it wasn’t just his verbal bigotry on display, his deeds were even more contemptible. In one of the most obscene acts ever perpetrated by a President of the United States Trump is shown flippantly tossing rolls of paper towels to the desperate in a FEMA distribution storage shelter in Puerto Rico having deigned to visit the island 13 days following the most disastrous hurricane in the U.S. territory’s history. We already knew that Trump was a bigot and a racist; these actions only reinforced that knowledge. No lower form of life has ever inhabited the Oval Office. Never, ever.

Meanwhile this evilly imbecilic cesspool dweller continues to toy with the lives, fortunes, close familial ties and well earned CITIZENSHIP of some 600,000+ individuals brought to this country as children through no fault or choice of their own, nearly ALL of whom have established constructive, contributory and beneficial lives here. They know NO OTHER home or way of life! They speak our language, they obey our laws, and they pay our taxes! What have they gotten in return? Pure unadulterated FEAR from a President who’s left them “twisting in the wind” with his lies, two-facedness, broken promises, extortion and sacrificial pawnage while he merrily fiddles away at his childish, useless, inhumane “game of the wall.”

In an act so much in keeping with his usual lying bilious diarrhea of crap-ass lies and accusations, Trump has falsely claimed that unlike his predecessor, President Obama, he verbally and in writing communicates his condolences to the families of fallen American soldiers. Needless to say, that ENTIRE statement is a total and complete filthy ignominious LIE! What a shock to learn that, in actuality, Obama DID communicate the nation’s condolences while Swamp Swallower DIDN’T, huh?! How scum-ridden can this moronically despicable piece-of-excrement get?! Oh, how negligent of me to have nearly overlooked the coward Donald Trump’s having weaseled his way out of military service to his country with not one or two deferments but FIVE!

Then in one of the slimiest, scummiest, most godforsaken, swamp FILLING episodes in the vile history of United States political greed, corruption and middle finger up the collective ass of America’s citizenry, the President (Obama), the D.E.A., two Republican Congresspersons (along with the entire Senate and House of Representatives) and the three largest and richest corporate American “drug peddlers” colluded to pass federal legislation which enables said corporate “drug pushers” to legally ADDICT millions of Americans to prescription opioids … and literally MURDER thousands of them! That isn’t hyperbole, folks, that is pure, unadulterated, callous, Wall Street FACT! So, with that in mind, Mr. & Mrs. America, you shouldn’t be the least bit surprised to learn who President TRUMP nominated to be America’s newest Drug Czar: that’s right, the very Congressperson MOST responsible for the creation and passage of that disgusting legislation! Hey, hey, Donnie J., how many Americans did you destroy with opioids today?!

Oh, did I mention that it has come to light that Wilbur Ross (Trump’s beloved Secretary of Commerce) had “inadvertently” (Ha!) failed to report having shifted some 2 BILLION (that’s Billion with a capital B) in assets into family trusts just prior to his assumption of the office. Here’s a direct quote from Charles P. Pierce’s excellent Esquire article on the subject: “How brazen do these ckucks have to be before we all kick back at the budding plutocracy that’s right in front of our eyes? Remember treasury secretary Mnuchin who, somehow, forgot to mention 100 MILLION in assets from his financial disclosure form? (Who among us hasn’t done that I ask.) And, of course, the granddaddy of them all, the President and his phantom tax returns I mean we’re not asking to see them all at once, just the ones that are in Cyrillic.”

So, when the messages clearly expose you for the lying incompetent degenerate moron that you are, determine to eliminate the messengers! The only thing Trump hates more than truth itself is having his own distortion, fiction and fabrication highlighted for all the world to see. As a result of such perpetual exposure and near universal condemnation he has now decided that since America’s media community is showing itself bravely — and constitutionally — unwilling to sacrifice its integrity and outspokenness at the altar of Trumpian prevarication, disrepute and Goebbels-fashioned indoctrination, perhaps some form of government muzzling is in order. And the swamp and its featured creature continue to fester and decay!

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Fed up early stage septuagenarian who has actually been most of there and done most of that. Born and raised in the picturesque Pocono Mountains. Quite well educated. Very lucky to have been born into a well-schooled and somewhat prosperous family. Long divorced. One beautiful, brilliant daughter. Two far above average grandsons. Semi-retired (how does anyone manage to do it completely these days?) and fully-tired of bullshit. Uncle of the Editor-In-Chief.