INCOMING: Lady Diana

Dianna Ross


Just announced: Diana Ross @ The Mann Saturday July 29th! Tickets go on sale April 7th @ 10 AM.

ROBERT CHRISTGAU: Diana Ross, on the other hand, achieved mythic stature before she ever became a singer. For as the lead voice of the Supremes, she was really only the soul–or perhaps élan vital–of a machine, ready to plug into whatever arrangement, lyric, or show dress Berry Gordy and the Motown organization provided. She sang of the pain of love without appearing to suffer, but that doesn’t mean that the catch-phrases–“You keep me hanging on,” “Where did our love go?” “Love is like an itching in my heart, and I can’t scratch it”–were softened or somehow corrupted. Instead, they were transcended with the vivacity that is Diana Ross’ great gift. No matter how she is stylized, no matter what phony truism she mouths, this woman always lets you know she is alive. Despite her ghetto upbringing, Diana Ross always has been possessed by a will to cheerfulness. During her seven years with the Supremes she never indicated that she thought about anything except what Berry wanted her to do next. Usually, Berry gave her good things to do… MORE

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