The 84 Lumber Superbowl Ad With The Ending That Fox Executives Didn’t Want You To See

ACTION NEWS4 PITTSBURGH: It may be the most controversial commercial to air during Super Bowl LI comes from a western Pennsylvania company, 84 Lumber, and its Pittsburgh-based ad agency, Brunner — but the ending is banned by Fox, and viewers will have to see the end online.That ending apparently touches upon President Donald Trump’s plan to build a wall on the U.S. border with Mexico.

At halftime of the game Sunday, a space in Brunner’s downtown office will be used as a “war room” for staffers to monitor social-media response to the message 84 Lumber will be sending.In the TV ad, viewers will see a child and her mother apparently making their way across Mexico to the United States. The landscape is bleak and sometimes menacing, showing coyotes on a desert hill overlooking the mother and child.

“The ad that will air on the Super Bowl — 90 seconds long — is really the first part of the story,” said Rob Schapiro, the Brunner chief creative officer who led the team that created the ad. The TV version will end with on words on the screen telling people they can see rest of the story at Asked if the ad is about the wall, Schapiro answered, “No, the ad isn’t about the wall, it’s about opportunity.” MORE