INCOMING: Blessed Are The Noisemakers

At a time when country-wide manifestations of unwavering political dissent are sending powerful shockwaves down the fabric of our nation, there has been arguably no better time in recent history to be a politically charged punk band. Take, for example, Priests. Described by Spin Magazine as “vital post-punk for Trump’s America,” Priests have created an undeniably impactful blend of unabashed empowerment, well-crafted melodies with healthy doses of punk and a track record of influential political activism and inclusivity. The Washington, D.C.-based four-piece consists of Daniele Daniele on drums, Katie Alice Greer on vocals, G.L. Jaguar on guitar and Taylor Mulitz on bass, respectively. They’ve been at it since 2011, and are embarking on a countrywide headlining tour after kicking off 2017 with their first full-length album, Nothing Feels Natural. Attesting to their inclusivity and goals of empowering the DIY community, the quartet will be playing an all-ages show this Friday at Philadelphia’s Everybody Hits, hosted by Philly’s very own DIY show promoters R5 Productions. Tickets are only $11, and it is worth noting that “Priests has partnered with Plus 1 so that $1 from every ticket will go to support Casa Ruby and their life saving services and programs for the most vulnerable in the Washington DC area LGBT community.” — DYLAN LONG