INCOMING: The Birdman Cometh



Five-time Grammy® Award-winning jazz drummer Antonio Sanchez plays his musical score LIVE alongside the visually stunning film, BiRDMAN, the 2015 Oscar® Award winner for Best Picture in BiRDMAN LIVE, a special event Saturday, November 19 @ 8 PM at Annenberg Center Live. Tickets $25.

PREVIOUSLY: Birdman would appear to be the most acclaimed film of the year and it is easy to be swept up as its backstage drama takes flight. This sort of behind-the-curtains look at the world of theater has a long history in the world of small scale art films but director Alejando González Iñárritu (Amores Perros, 21 Grams) juices up the precedings with a modern blockbuster dynamism and creates a film that is unlike much else we’ve seen in modern cinema. In a seamless single shot, all the action swoops, swerves and swings around Riggan (the all-but-forgotten Michael Keaton), an actor hoping to bounce back from a career slump by directing and starring in a new Broadway play based on author Raymond Carver’s moody midlife work. It is just days before the play’s debut and Riggan paces urgently throughout the theater while opening night looks doomed to collapse into chaos. The film flows freely in and out of Riggan’s perceptions, with the realities of staging a show occasionally interrupted by his cinematic alter-ego Birdman, the costumed superhero that once made him a movie star. MORE