Q&A: Dr. Jill Stein, The Green Party Candidate For President Of The United States Of America


BY WARREN LIPKA Green party Presidential candidate Jill Stein marched with protest groups outside of the Democratic National Convention last night. The 66-year-old physician’s pace was impressive considering it was 100 degrees and she was in a full suit. While some elements of the protesters chanted at cops and burned flags (both Israeli and American), Ms. Stein conducted interviews and shook hands. She was almost omnipresent as she bounced in between Black Lives Matter, Code Pink, and reporters, trying to tell anyone who would listen, why both political parties are “obsolete.”

PHAWKER: Jill what are you doing here?

DR. JILL STEIN: I’m here because there is a people’s revolution going on that just got kicked out of the Democratic Party. And I think we deserve a political party that is going to support this revolutionary agenda. But we need health care as a human right. We need the right to good paying jobs and we need jobs that will actually stop this catastrophe in climate change. We need the right to higher education for free and to cancel student debt. End the police violence. And to create a foreign policy that is based on international law. I’m actually incredibly inspired and encouraged by the kind of integrity and the kind of strength that we are seeing right here on the streets that we live in all weekend long. I think people are standing up and standing together for America, the world, all of us. I think the Democratic Party is itself obsolete like the Republican Party and we the people have proven that we are not going to be intimidated into being controlled by a corporate party that is trying to profiteer at our expense, throwing us under the bus. And I think we are standing up demanding that we have an America and a future that works for all of us. And that’s what we are going to do.

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