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David Brent Movie


WIKIPEDIA: Life on the Road is an upcoming film written, directed, and produced by Ricky Gervais, who stars as David Brent, a role he played in the series The Office.[1] The film will be done in the mockumentary style: a film crew shadows Brent as he travels up and down the country living his dream of being a rock star.[2] Gervais said, “This film delves much more into his private life than The Office ever did and we really get to peel back the layers of this extraordinary, ordinary man.” He has emphasised that the movie is “not an Office movie”.[3] Set 15 years after the events of The Office, David Brent, a sales rep after leaving Wernham Hogg, is on tour. He believes he will be filmed like Martin Scorsese did with The Rolling Stones — although it’s actually a ‘where are they now’ type documentary. He takes a holiday to tour with his band Foregone Conclusion but has to use his pension to fund part of his rock concert, as the ticket sales are less than he can afford to pay his band members.[5]

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