Ty Segall plays the part of indie rock jester well: he sports mismatching clothes, seems preoccupied at all times, and thrashes around on stage like a bagful of kittens. He plays post-grunge for a generation of hungry fans not alive for the Nevermind owned the airwaves, while simultaneously garnering the respect of those who were like Henry Rollins, who is reportedly a big fan. After laying low for a bit, Segall emerges once again from the dive bars of Los Angeles to tour his new album, Emotional Mugger (Drag City). For the record, an “emotional mugger” is someone in the virtual dating world who exploits someone else’s feelings, only to move on the morning after. Emotional Mugger arrives roughly a month and a half after the reissue of Ty Rex , originally released in 2011. An obvious homage to T. Rex, it’s full of anthemic guitar licks, distorted vocals and simple proclamatory lyricism. Late last month, when Ty Segall and the Muggers warmed up for their current tour at Silverlake Lounge in LA, Segall sported a Cry Baby mask and caped hood, an apparent nod to “Big Baby Man (I Want Mommy)” off the new album. Here’s hoping Segall brings Big Baby Man with him, along with the usual chaos and hijinx, when he plays the Troc on February 26th. — MEGAN MATUZAK