RAW FEED: Frank Rizzo Vs. The Fourth Estate

1980 confrontation between former mayor of Philadelphia Frank Rizzo and a news crew from KYW in an unmarked van staking out his home in Chestnut Hill with cameras rolling to find out if Rizzo was misusing his taxpayer-funded police security detail to perform mundane chores like walking his dog and watering his lawn. Though he was, by this point, neither mayor nor police commissioner, he orders his police detail around like a capo barking out orders to a goon squad. After calling KYW crew members crumbs, creeps, cowards, yellow, sneaks, lushes, crumb bums and other hard-boiled lingo straight out of a Bazooka Joe comic, Rizzo threatens to personally kick the shit out of the entire news crew. Rizzo’s security detail was discontinued shortly after this footage aired on the evening news. This video is a brief glimpse into the way Rizzo ran the Philadelphia police department from 1967 to 1971 and the city from 1972 to 1980 — like Mussolini.

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