Donald Trump Is The Best Thing To Happen To The Democratic Party Since Pat Buchanan’s Culture War Speech At The 1992 Republican Convention



POLITICO: Democrats have reveled at the unsettling effect Trump has had on the GOP field, and sought to equate his views with those of the Republican Party. So it was perhaps not surprising that more than a third of the Democrats who are POLITICO Caucus participants named him as the winner of the debate, noting that he was the center of attention in every respect— given his rank in the polls, he even stood at the center podium. “This was supposed to be the debate where the Trump was pushed out, instead he got more air time, more often got the last line, and was the most entertaining person on stage,” gloated a New Hampshire Democrat, who like all participants responded through an online survey. “Tomorrow he will be the candidate every American is talking about. And years from now the 2016 election will be remembered as the start of Hillary Clinton’s first term and that time Donald Trump owned the GOP debates.”  […] “Finally they put Donald Trump into context and his ignorance became glaringly apparent…frankly I had to run out of the room every time he opened his mouth,” a New Hampshire Democrat said. MORE