BEING THERE: Sleater-Kinney @ Union Transfer



Last nght, Sleater-Kinney — not seen in these parts since July 31st, 2006 — staged a triumphant return to Philadelphia with a way-sold out show at Union Transfer in support of their wonderful new album, No Cities to Love. Minneapolis hip hop artist Lizzo jolted the crowd awake during a lengthy opening set, at one point throwing bags of cookies out in the crowd while performing her song “Batches and Cookies.” Sleater-Kinney hit the stage shortly after 10pm, opening with raucous renditions of “Price Tag” and “Fangless”, the two opening tracks off of No Cities to Love. Sleater-Kinney’s 90-minute set included new tracks such as “Surface Envy” and “A New Wave,” as well as deeper cuts from their discography like “Ironclad” and “Light Rail Coyote.” Throughout the evening, the crowd was undeniably vocal in their praise of the group’s performance, and even a slight tempo miscue during the poignant ‘Modern Girl’ didn’t phase the crowd’s brimming enthusiasm. Upon closing the show with a blistering version of fan favorite “Dig Me Out,” the band bid the rabid crowd farewell. — ALEX DELUCCIA