BEING THERE: Cherub @ The Trocadero



The “Strip to This” Winter 2015 Tour stopped by the Troc last night for a night full of grooviness and vibes, hosted by the catchy electro-bro duo Cherub. The combination of their irresistible, hook-filled, but empty calorie electro-pop paired with the zero fucks they gave culminated in a night of sweat, smiles and dancing. Lots and lots of dancing. After an intriguing set by opener Mystery Skulls, a one-man-band from LA that traffics in live vocals/turntablist hybrids, Cherub took the stage and dove straight into a super-groovy and incredibly energetic set. Jason Huber, Cherub’s frontman, spent the night alternating between rock star stage gymnastics and standing stock still in time to the music, all the while etching beautiful guitar riffs in the humid air above the entranced crowd. Cherub closed out the night with a note-for-note perfect performance of their smash single, “Doses and Mimomas,” capping off a night of pure, high energy fun. — DYLAN LONG