Win Tix To See Bryan Ferry @ The Tower Theater!


Most people think Bryan Ferry is cool for founding and fronting ’70s art-rock avatars Roxy Music, which marks the beginnings of the Brian Eno we’ve all come to know and be awed by. Others think Bryan Ferry’s cool for the suave bolla style and velveteen crooning of his solo career, without which there would be no Duran Duran. Others just think he’s cool for shagging Jerry Hall and just about every smoking hot babe/model/socialite in the 1970’s. But we will always think he’s cool for his grace under pressure when a deranged man stormed the cockpit and attempted to commandeer a 2000 British Airways flight to Nairobi. Ferry and family were passengers. During the frantic struggle in the cockpit, the plane stalled and began to nosedive, tossing passengers around the cabin like ragdolls, injuring several. When the pilots managed to wrest control of the plane back from the would-be hijacker and subdue him with the help of other passengers, Ferry turned to his son and scolded him for his panicked swearing during the nosedive. Now THAT is parenting. Ferry plays the Tower Theater tomorrow night and we have a pair of tickets to give away to some some lucky Phawker reader/Ferry fanboy/girl. To qualify to win all you have to do is follow us on Twitter and then email us at FEED@PHAWKER.COM saying you have done so (or that you already follow us) along with your full name and a mobile number for confirmation. Put the magic words LOVE IS THE DRUG in the subject line. Good luck and godspeed, man!