Anonymous Declares War On Hong Kong Regime

WALL STREET JOURNAL: The cyber phase of the Hong Kong protests appears to be underway. At various times today the websites of the Hong Kong government, pro-Beijing group Silent Majority, pro-Beijing newspaper Wenweipo and the Democratic Alliance for the Betterment and Progress of Hong Kong (the city’s largest political party, also known as DAB) have been inaccessible. According to the website monitoring service Is It Down Right According to the website monitoring service Is It Down Right Now, all four websites are currently offline (see here, here, here and here.) The problems come after online news site News2Share published a video it said was provided to it by Anonymous, in which the amorphous hacker group declared war on the Hong Kong government over its treatment of protesters. Shortly after the DAB website went down, a message was posted to a Facebook page owned by a group called Anonymous Asia that contained a link to the website and the words “Target down.”  Given the decentralized nature of Anonymous, it’s extremely difficult to confirm whether any of the websites were, in fact, hacked by members of Anonymous. At the very least, it appears to be a bad time to be running a Hong Kong-based website sympathetic to Beijing. The website of the Occupy Central movement, meanwhile, is functioning normally. MORE