SPOON: Inside Out

Spoon plays MADE IN AMERICA on Sunday August 31st.

RELATED: I think Anheuser-Busch should eat the cost of putting on Made in America and make it a free concert, and Jay-Z is the one person who could convince them to do so. He could start by waiving whatever fees he’s charging to curate, promote and perform at Made in America, as well as any profit-sharing he would have participated in. I don’t pretend to know exactly how much putting on a concert like Made in America will cost, but for the sake of argument let’s say it’s $10 million, a figure I am fairly confident is well above the actual operating costs. Anheuser-Busch spends that every three days on global marketing. Making Made in America a free concert would be one small step for Anheuser-Busch but one giant karmic leap for the Jay-Z and Budweiser brands, both of which, in my estimation, could use a little halo-polishing. MORE