BEER THOUSAND: Dogfish Head Making GBV Brew

DRINK PHILLY: Delaware’s Dogfish Head Craft Brewery has yet another limited release cued up for its ongoing Music Series collection of beers. This one, perhaps the most deserving, celebrates always thirsty indie rock stalwarts Guided By Voices (GBV) and the 20th anniversary of its melodic, lo-fi magnum opus, Bee Thousand. […] Inspired by the thousands of cans of lager the band threw back while recording Bee Thousand in their homes, backyard sheds and garages in the early nineties, Dogfish Head brewed a hefty, 10 percent ABV Imperial Lager with 10 grains and 10 hop varieties. That’s 10x10x10, which equals 1,000. Clever, huh? When released later this year, Beer Thousand will be bundled with a 10-inch record with 10 songs recorded live June 25, 1994, during the “Insects of Rock” tour, the band’s first tour. MORE