TONIGHT: Extra! Extra!


Borne of a Boston music critic with a vast vinyl collection of vintage blues, soul and country, schooled in the juke joints of the Mississippi Delta and the black churches of Chicago, Eli Paperboy Reed has done his homework and paid his dues and in the process earned a rep as an incendiary, leather-lunged, Elvis-haired blues shouter with a voice as thick and, when he wants it to be,  as smooth as pomade. Nights Like This, is fourth album, and his second for Capitol, drops April 29th. To spread the word, he’s been doing select pre-release East Coast shows, including tonight at the Prince Music Theater. “Woo Hoo” is the first teaser track from the new album and finds him tweakinging his retro blues/soul hybrid with a little digital EDM wizardry. Not that’ she’s gone all Skrillex on us, but if this uber-catchy track is any indication of what’s on the album, he may well soon be able to quit his paper route and go pro. That last part is a joke, but Eli Paperboy Reed ain’t kidding around.