O.J. Simpson- athlete, actor and suspect in the murder of his ex-wife Nicole, is pictured tistening to testimony with his attorney during an evidence hearing in Simpson’s murder case. The defence is challenging the handling of blood evidence taken from the crime scene.

OJ Simpson wouldn’t scare any one judging from his comicc portrayals of a cop in the Naked Gunmovies.
A more ferocious picture of hte football legend turned actor has been painted by police, who charged him with murdering his ex-wife Nicole and waitor Ronald Goldman in Los Angeles. He is alleged to have stabbed both to death.
Prosecutors have also produced tape recordings of a call Nicole made to police begging for help while Simpson is heard in the background screaming oaths at her.
It was claimed this week that DNA tests had proved blood found at the murder scene outside Nicole’s home in June came form him. Prosecution lawyers believe he cut his finger committing the murders.