ASHES TO ASHES: When Yr. Landlord Burns Down Yr. Rehearsal Space & Your Band Loses Everything


All that Jay Laughlin (Turning Point, Godspeed, 1200, Lenola, Grand Fabric, Like A Fox and now JJL) now has to show for 20-plus years of writing, recording and performing music.

RELATED: Early morning on February 22nd, our studio/practice space of the last 12 years or more burned to the ground and nothing was salvaged. We lost everything we’ve all worked on for our whole musical careers. We’ve all been playing music since we were kids with multiple bands along the way (Turning Point, Godspeed, 1200, Lenola, Grand Fabric, Like A Fox and now JJL). The list of gear that we lost is way too long to even list, but they include three guitars that burned, a ’75 Les Paul Custom, an American Fender Strat (pictured above), and an American Deluxe Precision bass that, combined, were worth thousands alone. Three drum sets, multiple guitar/bass amps, and a huge effects pedal collection…. all gone. Not to mention studio gear, our PA system, and tons of other personal items. JJL has been in the studio working on our first EP for the past year and we’re only a few sessions away from finally having the tracks done and ready to press. So, to say this is a setback is a huge understatement. From the first pictures shared on Facebook/Instagram that day, the overwhelming support and concern have made a horrible situation a little easier to swallow. We’ve had some people ask where they can send donations to help us get back on our feet so we figured this would be the best way to get it started. MORE