Protesters Take Kiev Without Firing A Shot


LOS ANGELES TIMES: Ukraine’s capital fell into the hands of anti-government protesters Saturday morning. Without a shot fired, opposition units surrounded and took control of parliament, the Council of Ministers building and most important, the Presidential Administration building, when they discovered early in the morning that the riot police who had been guarding the sites were gone, an opposition leader said. “[The opposition] today controls all of Kiev as we have taken control of all government quarters,” Andriy Parubiy, commander of the opposition forces, told thousands of people in Independence Square. “We told those of [the police] who are decent and honest that they may join us.” Parubiy advised policemen wishing to switch sides to put blue and yellow ribbons on their uniforms, the symbol of the opposition. Parubiy said earlier that the Interior Ministry troops stationed in Kiev had pledged allegiance to the opposition. Friday night embattled President Viktor Yanukovich reportedly fled to Kharkiv, the industrial stronghold of Yanukovich’s ruling party in eastern Ukraine, where he was expected to hold a conference with supporters. MORE

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