INCOMING: My Bloody Valentine’s Day


Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld famously declared that ‘You go to war with the Woody Allen you have, not the Woody Allen you might want.’ At the time — middle of the Iraq War fiasco — it made absolutely no sense, but now? Different story. Closing weekend of International House’s Free To Love film series kicks off Valentine’s Day with an unfortunately-timed screening of Woody Allen’s Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Sex But Were Afraid To Ask 8 pm Friday night at the Ibrahim Theater. Inspired by the controversial book of the same name, by Dr. David Rueben, Allen addresses a variety of “helpful” questions (“What is Sodomy?” “What Happens During Ejaculation?”) through a series of outrageous vignettes. Featuring performances from Gene Wilder, Burt Reynolds and Louise Lasser, Everything You Always Wanted to Know… is the ultimate parody of the popular pseudo-science that emerged during the sexual revolution. Swedish Summer Of Love coming of age classic I Am Curious (Blue) screens 8 pm Saturday at the Ibrahim Theater.