WORTH REPEATING: Lewis Is The New Black

Illustration by DAN NOLAN

Because Freedom Can't Protect ItselfDear Jonathan,

Call me old-fashioned but I believe that elections should be decided by how many votes you can win, not how many voters you can keep away from the polling booth.

And yet, all across the country, new voter suppression laws are popping up seemingly every day. These laws are stupid and dangerous because they take aim at America’s most vulnerable voters – people of color, the poor, the elderly, students and the disabled. It’s just wrong.

I’ve had enough and I’m fighting back with everything I’ve got. That’s why I’ve signed on to work with you and the ACLU to help stop voter suppression. I’m doing what I can to help – will you join me?

You can help right now by making a year-end donation to help the ACLU defend the right to vote and other fundamental freedoms.

Cheat. That’s what cowards do when they can’t win an election fair and square. These voter suppression laws aren’t designed to get more people to vote, but are aimed at making sure fewer people vote.

Someone needs to fight back – to stand up for one of our most treasured fundamental freedoms. And that someone is the ACLU.

With your support, ACLU legal teams are on-the-ground in all 50 states working to expand voter participation and defend voting rights. And the whole organization is gearing up for an all-out voter protection effort in the 2014 elections. If cynical efforts to undermine voting rights make you as angry as they make me, now is the time to act.

Don’t let voter suppression succeed. Send a year-end donation to the ACLU to help protect our fundamental freedoms.

I don’t always agree with the ACLU. Who does? But, surely we all can agree that, trying to stop people from voting isn’t democratic. It’s stupid and evil and needs to be challenged at every turn. Let’s stand with the ACLU as they lead the fight to protect voting rights.

Lewis-Black_headshot Sincerely,
Lewis Black for the ACLU