SIDEWALKING: Teach Your Children Well

Classroom, Afghanistan, location and date unkown, via REDDIT

RELATED: I used to watch children in Afghanistan walk through a minefield daily to go to and from school. All of the mines (identified so far) had small rocks painted white set just to the right side of them. The path they used was worn from years of walking from the townspeople. MORE

RELATED: White on one half and red on the other. Was what the villagers did to mark their walk-way. I was also in AFG. Helmand was a horrible place for kids to learn. The school itself had at least 2 IEDs placed in the clear zone right outside the perimeter of the school almost everyday,that we would have to clear. All to kill or discourage the families from letting their kids learn. It was always the mission I never had a problem doing. MORE

RELATED: About a kilometer away from me, in Kandahar, a pair of Taliban drove a motorcycle up to a school yard, and flung a bucket of concentrated acid on a bunch of little girls. Killed a couple, horribly burned the rest. MORE