BEING THERE: Kate Nash @ Union Transfer


In 2011 British singer Kate Nash was dropped by her record label. She then started her own label and changed up her style, ditching her keyboard and melding her cheeky pop confections with a more aggressive almost punk-like musical style. If her impressive show last night at the Union Transfer is any indication, Nash made the right move. She took the stage wearing a white bass with the name of punk band FIDLAR scrawled on it, joined by an all-girl backing band of two guitarists and a drummer. Nash delivered some rumbling bass notes and the band launched into the searing new girl-crush-gone-wrong song “Sister,” that set the tone for a loud, fun and energetic 90 minute set. They followed with another new song “Death Proof,” which displayed more of Nash’s bass skills and some impressive guitar squalls and riffs from her band-mates. Older songs like the snap crackle and pop of “Kiss That Girl” and the piano driven “Foundations” were made over, with the more aggressive guitar and bass arrangements making the songs better than the recorded versions. Late in the set Nash ventured into the crowd while singing “OHMYGOD!” She ranged deep into the venue letting the crowd pogo and sing along with her as she traveled while tethered to the stage by a long mic cord. For closing jam “Underestimate The Girl” Nash brought the entire front row up on stage with her, letting them dance behind her as she and the band rocked out. As the clock struck twelve Nash guided the fans off stage one by one making them crowd surf into the dark sea of arms of the crowd. Nash finished by launching herself into the crowd and floating on the arms of her fans, smiling and floating free and happy. — PETE TROSHAK