BANKSY: Syrian Rebels Shoot Down Dumbo

NEW YORK TIMES: The British street artist Banksy is apparently among the millions watching Syria’s war from afar, through glimpses of the fighting recorded on video and posted on YouTube. His latest video work is a brief parody of one of those clips released on Sunday as part of a series of works produced during a monthlong residency in New York that started last week. An excerpt from the video, showing actors dressed like Syrian rebels aiming a shoulder-fired missile at the sky, was uploaded to that Instagram account on Sunday, with a note reading: “I’m not posting any pictures today. Not after this shocking footage has emerged. Go to for the full video.” The YouTube clip, uploaded to a new channel registered in the name Banksy NY under the title “Rebel rocket attack,” was listed on the artist’s Web site as the sixth work in the New York series. MORE

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