BEING THERE: Two Door Cinema Club @ The Tower


I’m never sure what to expect at a show when the band performing is still in its proverbial “early years.” Are they only going to play material from their successful debut album? Will the venue be crowded or awkwardly empty?  How many songs am I going to actually recognize? These are the questions I was asking myself as I walked through the doors of Tower Theatre last night to see Two Door Cinema Club kick start their latest U.S. tour.  After releasing Tourist History in 2010 and following it up with Beacon in 2012,  Two Door Cinema Club has become successful enough to be playing theaters despite their tender years.  Normally, an overabundance of catchiness becomes cloying.  However, TDCC’s hooks truly shine when performed live, as “Undercover Martyn” demonstrated incontrovertibly last night.  The band’s notorious high-pitched guitars were completely in sync with the lightshow behind the stage, and this combination just added to the light and joyous atmosphere of the show.  With a glass of champagne in hand, Alex Trimble, TDCC’s charismatic lead singer, had the audience in booming cheers mode — especially during crowd faces like “I Can Talk” — and nobody was sitting at any point during the show.  — ALEXANDER BISNARO