WORTH REPEATING: Cruzin’ For A Bruisin’


NEW YORK DAILY NEWS: In short: This was guerrilla theater, not legitimate governance. This page has many substantive qualms, large and small, with Obama’s health care law, particularly its threat to job creation. Cruz catalogued all the objections, predicting national disaster. Only time will tell how Obama’s massive health insurance overhaul plays out. For now, it is the law of the land, implicitly endorsed by the American people in Obama’s reelection. Cruz and his allies, who claim to revere the Constitution, pretend they can accomplish through symbolic grandstanding what they cannot by getting the votes in the House and Senate to repeal the law. Now, the federal government is back on the verge of a shutdown. If Republicans and Democrats fail to strike a deal on funding operations, Washington will soon grind to a halt. So they scramble at the last minute to look like something less than utter fools. And to prevent the rest of us from being, yet again, victims of their negligence. MORE