WATCHING THE DETECTIVES: @PPAwatch Posting Photos Of PPA Vehicles Breaking Parking Laws

Photo via @PPAwatch

NBC10: A van parked in front of a fire hydrant. A sedan parked in front of a handicapped spot. These are just a few of the many photos posted by a new Twitter account documenting illegal parking in Philadelphia. But here’s the twist. The pictures aren’t of normal vehicles but instead, those that belong to the Philadelphia Parking Authority.  The account, @PPAwatch, is cracking down on the PPA by posting driver-submitted photos of the parking authority violating their own rules. Yet just as the account was beginning to gain more followers, it was suddenly suspended over the weekend after the parking authority [reported the site to Twitter.] MORE

PHAWKER: By this logic, it’s perfectly fine if the cops go around robbing and killing people and firemen start fires and force kittens up trees. Where does it end?

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