BEING THERE: Aftermath


DAILY MAIL: Earlier on Tuesday, emergency crews began searching flattened homes and piles of rubble with cadaver dogs.No survivors were found yesterday, and officials said they hoped to complete three searches of every site of devastation before nightfall on Tuesday. The storm, which barreled through the Oklahoma City suburb for 17 miles on Monday, injured 237 people and killed at least 24, including nine children and four people in Oklahoma City. The heartbreaking-to-read Twitter hashtag #OKMissing has been set up to help families and friends search for missing loved ones. On Monday, emergency workers pulled more than 100 survivors from the debris of homes, schools and a hospital. Injuries of adult patients ranged from minor — cuts and bruises, people wet and suffering from hypothermia to major injuries including open wounds, impalements and broken bones. There were also ‘degloving’ injuries, in which skin is peeled from the tissue. The weather service confirmed on Tuesday that the powerful storm was an EF5 – the maximum on the scale. Seven of the children were found drowned at Plaza Towers Elementary School, which was a direct hit during the 45 minutes of terror. At a press conference on Tuesday afternoon, an official confirmed that the two schools which were leveled by the storm did not have safe rooms, as they had not applied for them. He added that the jurisdiction decides where to allocate funds for safe rooms based on past events. MORE