BROTHER JT: Sweat Pants

Brother JT – Sweatpants from Thrill Jockey Records on Vimeo.

THRILL JOCKEY: While we all know our brothers and sisters in Philadelphia are fond of their sweatpants (or so says Time Magazine), it has taken the Brother JT to turn that passion into the most warped psych-funk hit of Spring. Earlier today Spin premiered a new video for “Sweatpants”, animated and directed by the Brother himself, taken from The Svelteness of Boogietude, which is out tomorrow on Thrill Jockey. “Sweatpants” is a slow burner, a heavy hitter, and one of the finest tributes to the world’s most comfortable item of clothing to come around in generations. Follow the Brother JT bot as he travels to the juice store and journeys beyond the muffin-top of infinity. He plays Johnny Brendas on July 6th with The Photon Band. Meanwhile, Brother JT’s psychedelic talk show Trippin’ Balls is currently in a revival season, and recently shared new episodes featuring Baltimore art rocker Ed Schrader and slide guitar extraordinaire Slo-Mo Brenner. Previously, we shared his interview with noise musician Twig Harper. Future episodes will feature Greg Fox (of Guardian Alien & Zs), Pete Sounds of WKDU and Chris Dipinto of Cream Circus. Watch JT discuss the music of India, identical energies, and, of course, drug use.

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