MEDIA: The Daily Mail Web Site Draws Mega Traffic But Shockingly Little Social Media Play


The Mail Online, the web version of the Daily Mail, the snappy British tabloid with a trademark photo-heavy seeing-eye chart layout, just went public with their traffic numbers and the results are telling, although it’s unclear what exactly we’ve been told. With 12 million daily visitors,  the Daily Mail is an 800 pound gorilla on the web but a 90 pound weakling on social media (Facebook and Twitter, at least). The Daily Mail’s second most tweeted story — Swedish cops find drugs and a stun gun on The Bieber’s tour bus! — earned a mere 25 tweets. The most tweeted story, a paltry 37 tweets. Twelve million viewers and 37 tweets gets you first place? The Daily Mail does better on Facebook but not by much. The most shared story — that the video of breakdancing babies is about to hit 29 million views on YouTube! — netted a miniscule 97 shares. How can that be? How can 12 million viewers not even break 100 shares or tweets for their most popular stories? The best explanation we can come up with is that nobody wants anyone else to know that they are reading the Daily Mail, which strikes us as completely plausible.