THIS JUST IN: Redd Kross @ Kung Fu Necktie


You were born in an age of mockery, which would be followed by a decade of irony. You were 11 years old when you played your first gig, opening for Black Flag. Your bass was bigger than you. You named your band after the crucifix masturbation scene in The Exorcist. Early on you were fascinated by pop culture gone horribly wrong, you wrote punky odes to Linda Blair, MacKenzie Phillips and Frosted Flakes. You covered Charlie Manson. “No metal sluts or punk rock ruts” was your motto. Almost overnight you were crowned ‘zine scene royalty. You recorded six albums of glam-punk-fuzztone-shake-bama-lama before calling it quits in 1997. Then a bunch of stuff happened, not the least of which was you adding bass to every song on The White Stripes’ White Blood Cells. Fast forward to 2012, you release a new album. It’s not just one of the best albums of the year, it is the best album of your career. The title track is Nuggets-worthy 60s garage punk. “Uglier” has the greatest Kiss chorus never made. “Dracula’s Daughter” is, without irony, one of the prettiest songs every made. “Stay Away From Downtown” is the greatest power-pop song since Cheap met Trick. Your name is Steve McDonald, your band is called Redd Kross and the album is Researching The Blues. JONATHAN VALANIA