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PREVIOUSLY: Why Louis CK Doesn’t Talk About Sarah Palin’s Vagina On Twitter Any More

PREVIOUSLY: What Louis CK Said About Sarah Palin’s Vagina On Twitter

THE ATLANTIC: The state of Mississippi’s public radio has banned nationally syndicated interview show Fresh Air with Terry Gross. The afternoon program, in which Gross holds relaxed chats with artists, academics, and celebrities, claims 4.5 million listeners across 450 public radio stations. Mississippi Public Broadcasting cited “recurring inappropriate content” in announcing that they will no longer allow the show. What was the offending content? Mississippi was mum, but MSNBC’s Laura Conaway thinks she’s found the answer

MSNBC: Mississippi Public Broadcasting shares a campus with offices for the state’s colleges and universities, and we have learned that some of those offices play public radio for callers who are on hold. Recently, a caller got put on hold during Fresh Air and heard Terry Gross ask comedian Louis C.K. if he always has sex with his shirt on. MORE

NEW YORK MAGAZINE: Apparently, it was this titillating exchange with Louis CK:

Louis CK: But if I’m with a woman and she wants to be with me, she must like me. I definitely have sex with my T-shirt on, always. I haven’t had sex without a shirt on, God, since I was about 23.
Terry Gross: Is that true?
Louis CK: Yeah, I just don’t think that’s fair. I mean, you know, let her think she’s with somebody decent, you know? … I do have sex sometimes on the show, and there’s a rule that I have to be on my back.
Terry Gross: Why, because your stomach flattens?
Louis CK: Well, no, God, no. I’m not laying back in that bed thinking, “I look awesome right now.” It’s because I think I should always be the victim of the sex. I don’t think anyone wants to see me looming over her. I think that’s an upsetting image. And then also, the mother-dog stomach that I get when I’m … you get the point. MORE

DR. JUDY LEWIS, EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR OF MISSISSIPPI PUBLIC RADIO: “We strives to deliver educational and meaningful content to its listeners. After careful consideration we have determined that Fresh Air does not meet this goal. Too often Fresh Air’s interviews include gratuitous discussions on issues of an explicit sexual nature. We believe that most of these discussions do not contribute to or enhance serious-minded public discourse on sexual issues.” MORE