Charles Darwin Still Not Bigger Than Jesus In Georgia


HUFFINGTON POST: On an Election Day filled with upsets, the father of evolutionary theory proved incapable of riding the wave down in Georgia. Fictional write-in candidate Charles Darwin was promoted around Georgia’s 10th congressional district to provide a symbolic challenge to Rep. Paul Broun (R-Ga.), the outspoken congressman who created a stir earlier this year when video emerged of him calling evolution and the big bang theory “lies from the pit of hell.” Broun had been running unopposed until Jim Leebens-Mack, a plant biologist at the University of Georgia, started a Facebook page floating the idea of running Darwin to challenge the ultraconservative congressman over his anti-science views. While there was no chance of actual victory for Darwin (the naturalist died in 1882), his supporters hoped to draw attention to the fact that Broun currently sits on the House Science Committee, despite his apparent disdain for the basic principles upheld by science itself. MORE