DEAR TERRY GROSS: Enough With The Gershwins!

Artwork by ANDY WARHOL

Terry, we love, ya. We listen every day. The best in the biz, etc. We plug the show all the time and happy to do it. You name-checking us is our ringtone, fer chrissakes! But enough with the friggin’ Gershwins already! Especially when there is so much awesome music going on these days and so little of it finds its way onto Fresh Air. A Google search combining “Fresh Air” and “Gershwin” yields 430,000 results! We just had one of those LEAVE BRITNEY ALONE-style meltdowns, but with GERSHWIN instead of BRITNEY — and we’re not even gay and on meth! Yet. Also, we’d like a moratorium on Stephen Sondheim. He’s great, we get it. But we foolishly signed up for the drink-every-time-Terry-Gross-mentions-Stephen-Sondheim game and we are legally drunk almost every day and not getting anything done, racking up DUIs, beating the wife, doing blow with Charlie Sheen, overusing exclamation points etc. So, please, we don’t ask for much.