Cop Supervisor Brings Knuckle Sandwich To Squirt Gun Fight: Punches Unarmed Woman In The Face Then Sucker Punches Her When She’s Down

PHILLY CONFIDENTIAL: A Philadelphia police supervisor hit a Puerto Rican Day reveler twice in the head so hard yesterday that the blows sent the woman to the ground and then she was charged in the incident, according to police and a video posted on YouTube Sunday. When the video begins, it appears several revelers are spraying water on the street and on the police officers. It is unclear if the woman is one of them, but she does have what appears to be a water bottle in her hand. A police supervisor in a white shirt seems to zero in on the woman and as she tries to walk away from him, he comes up behind her and hits her in the face and then in the back of the head. She falls to the ground and seems to be asking the officer “why” as he places handcuffs on her. Once in handcuffs, she is led away by two other officers and is seen with blood on her face. All the while, a Puerto Rican flag hangs from the back of her pants. MORE